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Extra_English.lang Problem!
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RE: Extra_English.lang Problem!

There isnt any Errors that pop up when the level / game starts..
But here's the code from my .LANG file

<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">
No Description

<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_keybro1">"Its a key to the next door."</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_keybro1">a key to the next door.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_secretk">Its a key to a secret. You will find it! There is a room upstairs that is strange... Go and look for it.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_secretk">a key to a secret.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_lad1">Its a Health potion.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_lad1">Ladnadnadnadnadnamum</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_lad2">Its a Health potion.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_lad2">Ladnadnadnadnadnamum</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_lad3">Its a Health potion.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_lad3">Ladnadnadnadnadnamum</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_broknife">Its a knife.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_broknife">a wave shaped knife.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_key_2">Its a key to upstairs.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_key_2">a key to the upper floor.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_key_tomb_1">Its a key.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_key_tomb_1">a key.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDecs_baskey">A key.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_baskey">an old key.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="DeathHint">
<Entry Name="Description1">Find the key and unlock the door...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Description2">Right, Left, Left, Right...</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Journal">
<Entry Name="Note_note1_Name">Derp.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note1_Text">You wake up with a pounding head, a slight pain in your neck and a swollen penis.[br][br] "- What happend?" you say.[br][br] The last thing i remember is that i got kidnapped by the Untrustable Statues and Barrels... [br][br] But where am i? </Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_notestep_Name">Stephano is used.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_notestep_Text">To proceed further, you need to put stephano where this note was. </Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note3_Name">Hint</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note3_Text">There is 1 secret room in this map. [br][br] Hint: Start, 1st to the Right, Smells nice.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note5_Name">Martin's Log , 19th November</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note5_Text">Arrghh! Pewdie! That son of a barrel! He has been screaming for 10 minutes now, I wonder what he really does in there?[br]He always screams this time of the night, And i dont know why![br][br] I'll need to talk with him tomorrow. Im to tired to do that now... </Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note4_Name">Barrelish</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_note4_Text">*This note is written in Barrelish... I cant read that sh*t.*</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_notelast_Name">That messy son of a barrel!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_notelast_Text">- Martin:[br] Aaahh! PewDie, i dont like it when you scare me like that... [br]- PewDie: [br]*scared face*[br][br]- Martin. [br]Yes i know that you're hiding from the barrels? Thats what you always do![br]And why did you make this mess!? [br][br]- PewDie: [br]Because i cant find Stephano!!!! ;_; </Entry>

<Entry Name="Quest_directionsQuest_Text">He said: Right, Left, Left, Right. </Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Messages">
<Entry Name="stepfindwtf">HOLY MOTHER OF PENIS! What the fu*k was that!?</Entry>
<Entry Name="secrettext">You found the secret room Big Grin</Entry>
<Entry Name="doorlocked">I have a slight memory that the thing that unlocks this door is behind a painting.</Entry>
<Entry Name="StephanoA">You hear a faint sound of a door unlocking.</Entry>
<Entry Name="bro_text">That bro isnt looking! Go and stab him with the knife! Quick!</Entry>
<Entry Name="lanternbroke">FU*K! I tripped and destroyed my lantern. Its useless now.</Entry>
<Entry Name="doorwtf">What The Fahk? Did the door unlock it self?</Entry>
<Entry Name="browtftext">Where did the bro go?</Entry>
<Entry Name="browhat">WHAT THE FAHK IS THAT!?</Entry>
<Entry Name="lockeddoortext">What the hell? The door is locked!? I really hope there is a key in this room.</Entry>
<Entry Name="brohuntgone">Pheuw... That thing is gone now... Seriously, WTF was that!?</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Levels">
<Entry Name="doorlocked1end">You need to find a Key which is on one of the chairs.</Entry>
<Entry Name="doorlvl3">The door is locked. I should find a key around here.</Entry>
<Entry Name="lvl3text">Outside</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Sign">
<Entry Name="Left">Left</Entry>
<Entry Name="Right">Right</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Flash">
<Entry Name="End">What did the Creator want? What's behind this door? What will happen next? You will see all that and even more in PewDiePie's Nightmare 3</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="SoundText">
<Entry Name="memory_text">I'm gonna write it down. Cuz i have the worst fu*king memory.</Entry>
<Entry Name="skully_text">Don't lick me PewDie!</Entry>
<Entry Name="stepwhere_text">Hello Pewdie... Where have you been!? I've looked everywhere for you!</Entry>
<Entry Name="sexy_text">Teleporting naked guys, it's the worst! Holy sh*t he's sexy though.</Entry>
<Entry Name="my_leg_text">*gasp* UHHUHH! STOP! OOH MY LEEG! AARGGHHH!</Entry>
<Entry Name="talk2_text">Wazzap PewDie? My name is Oliver and i am the creator of this Custom Story. I make everything you see in this Custom Story by myself. But there is only one thing that i cant decide. The bro just keeps spawning where i dont want him. I can hear him now. There are some Bros running thorwards you, And they are many! There is only one way you and i can stop them. I have scripted this map so if you collide Stephano with the Bro, The bro fades to smoke! Stephano is on your left side waiting for you. You will need Stephano until the end of this map. There is only one way though it. So just run at the same direction, Pick up Stephano and run!</Entry>
<Entry Name="talk1_text">Hey Pewdie! Hey, Yeah it's me. The creator of this Custom Story! I can't talk now but you need to go: Down this hallway, Right, Left, Left, And then right again. If you dont go these directions, some very horrible things will happen to you. I will meet you there, Now go!</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Ending">
<Entry Name="MainCredits">
PewDiePie's Nightmare 2
Made By:
Story, Mapping, Scripting:
Credits Song:
Olivex - PeeeeeewDiePieeeee!
(Made by me)
Thanks to:
MrJLU96 <--- Check him out!
Other people for ideas!
Note to PewDie:
Why doesnt you make a commentary with your girlfriend?
Sorry for not making this CS longer, I had a lot of School things to do!
Check out my Channel for PewDiePie's Nightmare 3!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

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