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Simple shout-out of appreciation
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RE: Simple shout-out of appreciation

(01-06-2012, 10:31 PM)Conor1320 Wrote: Doom 3 is good fun but relies on heavy scripting for the scare effect, which gets predictable at times.

I have played many survival horror games including, Siren, Dead Space, Silent Hill, Clock tower, Penumbra, Dino Crisis, Fatal Frame, System Shock 2, NH2 Mod, FEAR, and none of those could match the terrifying aspect of Amnesia. Mostly because in Amnesia you feel extremely vulnerable and you cannot fight back at all, you purely rely on run and hide tactics. Not only that but Amnesia provides some impressive sounds which also adds to the immersion of the game, which is why some of us find ourselves hiding in corners to give ourselves a bit of a breather and then move on.

Also looking forward to Doom 4 Big Grin, as well as Frictional Game's next project, which may not be as 'scare' focused but will definitely deliver on the 'horror' atmosphere.

Siren Blood Curse was cool but Japanese devs aren't really used to first person view and they mapped the controls like a third person game in first person view, which was a huge problem.

Doom 3 was just too repetitive and some of the enemy spawns were surprisingly cheap, even though after a while you learned to be careful about certain sounds. The extension Resurrection of Evil at least mixed things up a bit.

Clock Tower 3 had some chase sequences involving a maniac and an unarmed woman, which could be very tense but often turned cheap because the woman would become paralyzed when the killer got too close, and then get clobbered to death without reaction. It was annoying.

Some of the same mechanics were reused in the Capcom-published Haunting Ground but they also added some of the more annoying Capcom survival horror mechanics (like a run button which was not in CT3), so all in all it could have been better.

First Dead Space was pretty neat, second was too action heavy and kind of became a grind towards the end. Plus the creative boss fights from DS1 were gone. The low gravity mechanics was made easier with some sort of jetpack, but it also diminished the game's personality in the process.

There is also a spooky game by From Software called Echo Night Beyond, which I have not played yet. I hear it's frightening but the controls are super clunky. Another Japanese first person title where the controls were not what westerners are used to.
01-21-2012, 07:42 PM

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