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Simple shout-out of appreciation
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RE: Simple shout-out of appreciation

(01-04-2012, 09:48 PM)Downsider Wrote: There aren't many quality horror games these days. Perhaps FG will be the leader in horror games? as if they weren't already with Amnesia.

Cryostasis seems to be quite the horror game with great scripted events. Problem with that game is that It's so poorly optimized, and even worse than Metro 2033.

If only it were smooth as Amnesia and Black Plague would it be on my list of new favourite horror games.

DOOM 3 is one game I skipped out on WHICH I will return to in the coming days ^_^ here's to DOOM 4 when that releases.
Cryostasis runs better than Metro 2033. In any case, I agree that it's a good horror game and the story is as good as Amnesia, but the gameplay is a bit less intriguing. Doom is just an FPS, no more of a horror game than Dead Space which is another mindless shooter. Not scary at all.

(01-05-2012, 10:29 AM)BrooksyFC Wrote: I thought Metro 2033 was a good game, not as solid as most shooters, but had a kinda stalker game style to it with stealth and survival. Some parts were a bit scary, but nothing can compete with FG's work.
Metro 2033 wasn't designed to be a horror game like Penumbra or Amnesia, so I don't compare them. It definitely has the best FPS campaign in recent years (most FPS games are terrible anyway). Anyway here is my shout-out... Penumbra and Amnesia are some of my favorite games and along with Cryostasis, the only real horror games I've found in recent years. FG's works sit right up there with the first three Silent Hill games. The story is less complex but great nonetheless, and the unique gameplay is excellent.

What I really love about Penumbra Overture and Black Plague is that each one has one particularly powerful and surprising moment. Those who have finished them know what I mean. I'll remember those moments forever. Amnesia didn't really have such a moment, although all of the details on torture throughout the game cross boundaries in their own right.

@ Lucke - Black Plague is even scarier. I found Amnesia to be scarier than either of them. Good luck finishing those.
01-28-2012, 06:51 AM

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