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I know it seems like I'm not doing much with Sciophobia, but do understand that this is a very big campaign for me, I am trying new things, such as
Spoiler below!
"boss fights" and "cutscenes"
and it is going to take me a very good deal of time. BUT, I have done a few things and am requesting for a MALE (voice of age 20-25) voice actor for the main character, Christopher Wallace, for an upcoming "Commitment Trailer". I will not be asking very frequently for voices, as background work will be done and will take time.

What I WILL need is:
- Devotion
- Patience
- Confidence
- Great emphasis and tone
- Emotion (yes, I need strong emotion as a few parts may require you to "yell" at an NPC in anger. I may also change the ui voice according to your voice if needed. This includes the huffing, crouch mumbles, jump huffs, etc.)
- Clear microphone
- Understandable
- And most importantly, COMMITMENT.

This project will take a few months. I can't have you leaving me halfway through and making me find someone new. I know I am asking for a lot, but I am making this campaign the best it can be, and I do not want it crippled by poor voice acting.

But yes, if you are interested and can meet these requirements, Please leave a comment below or PM me a link or download of a few lines you have recorded. They can be ad libbed, or recited from lines below.

The more emotions you can give me, the better!

Here are a few example lines if needed:

1) (confused) Huh? Where am I?
2) (anger, raising voice) NO! I cannot BELIEVE you!
3) (questioning) Hmm... I wonder what this does.
4) (scared/shaken) Wh..What is that?...

Here is my voice demo:
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