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The Machine is real -attention! sadly emotions!
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RE: The Machine is real -attention! sadly emotions!

Hmm, didn't think of the title as a metaphor but now you mention it... It makes plenty of sense!

Yeah, I find Vegetarians like Religious people... Let them believe what they want, just don't try to convert me >.<

After all, you look at the way some animals in the wild are killed... Beautiful animals shredded apart brutally by claws of a predator for it survive etc. I think if its fair for wild animals to eat meat then it should be fair for the human race to eat meat as long as the least amount of cruelty is used, which is what the industry has been trying to do.

Some if not most animals are stunned before slaughtered, but they stun them so they feel as little pain as they can offer. Chickens aren't exactly put into a ring for a Coq fight so people can profit from their death Tongue

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02-28-2012, 02:19 AM

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