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The Machine is real -attention! sadly emotions!
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RE: The Machine is real -attention! sadly emotions!

About our teeth: They actually aren't that predetor-suited, because we evolved to eat vegetables, bird's eggs and meat which we cut up using tools. Take a look at our jaw. You could not kill an animal with that jaw if you tried. It's weak. It's flat, so it can't get a good area grip. And about those incisors--practically every mammal has them, regardless of whether they eat meat. Our incisors are very underdeveloped compared to pandas for example, who eat bamboo. Gorillas are another example. These animals primarily use their incisors for threat display. The only mammals to really not have incisors are gristle-eaters. Cows, horses, etc. There are many diets between gristle and full-on meat, many of which are still herbivorious.

And I'd like to reiterate that although I myself have chosen a vegan diet, the moral minimum I'd ask of anyone is just to boycott the industrial slaughter of animals, and take up "humane" hunting for all your meat. It's the very least you can do for those animals who feed our bodies. A critical reader would see that I haven't mentioned dairy. Even more industrial cruelty goes into a glass of milk then does a steak. So if there's something you can give up, dairy is it. Unlike meat, there really is no pallateable reason not to. Dairy ice cream and milk is no better then it's soy, almond, or coconut counterparts. And there's no question that dairy is bad for you.
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