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What would be "Proper Jumpscares?"
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RE: What would be "Proper Jumpscares?"

(08-16-2012, 02:49 PM)Theforgot3n1 Wrote: I normally try to create a great, eerie atmosphere, and for normal scares, try to screw with the players mind first.
Just do scares as you'd personally be scared. Like, before actual grunt encounters, have the player notice them walking at the end of the corridor. Or before slime(guardian) encounters, you can have the trademark sound of it play, and things rumbling. Super simple but yet atmospheric.

Methods like having the player gradually experience worse and worse scares, such as the rumbling being louder each and every time, or sounds from something - preferably not Grunt/Brutes, since it's a little overused- coming closer. It can help them imagine w.t.f will come the next time.
Thoroughly understanding what you're treading into , just like Frictional did in "the storage" (they wrote -SOMETHING- along the lines of "The Darkness in this area is ominious"), at least for me, freaked me out a lot more than any scare ever did... Forcing the player to enter areas they KNOW involves something wicked, is SUPER EFFECTIVE; knowing you will be gravely hurt from something makes it much worse than it just happening.

Anything else... Oh, I remember Frictional saying it helps emphasize horror if you have "safe zones", places whereas the player can rest, only to be more susceptible to more scares. When you're going through places such as the Prison, you often set yourself into the game, focus on surviving and walking cautiously through the area. When finally arriving in the Cistern you relieve of all that, and relax, but only knowing you have to go back out there. A lot (including myself), I think, are most likely to scare-quit at these safe-zones, or just before entering a new place, because of this.

Other, more general things you can reuse a couple of times, are perhaps things flying around, falling over, wind gusts, and random intentional noises (like from a room)/random particle systems in yo face (I recommend learning a bit about the particle editor). More sneaky scares, such as scares (rocks falling, Random Noises (like impact_wood); basically things behind the scene) without the normally used "GiveSanityDamage();" can be especially horror-inducing if the circumstances allow it.

One problem I've had is the area becoming stale in case the player wanders around. That is, all my scares being immediately used the first thorough walk. One way of preventing that, is making scares more random; for example having some scares require the player to walk at an area five times before it actually triggering. Or, having the scare require the player stand in one spot for a set amount of time, etc.
It might be slightly hard scripting, but it's useful!

Lastly, I want to mention "InsanityAreas".
Quick explanation: The areas are basically reusable uncomfortabilicious (XD) scares. They trigger based on your sanity whenever you step into one, and/or when you stand in one after some time. The minor scares are anything from bugs crawling over yo face, flies flying, insanity sounds, etc. The nice thing is their subtle nature, they contribute to a chilling atmosphere, since it really helps with randomness, making the area feel alive.
Though, since the areas were used for the game, they actually have lines that "Daniel" says which you should remove. If you take a quick look inside the file "main_sanity_events.cfg", you will notice that it says "Set = (Default, or Ch01/2/3)". What you want to do is exclude the sets that are specific to A:TDD, which you can do with this function:
void OnStart()
SetInsanitySetEnabled(Ch01, false);
SetInsanitySetEnabled(Ch02, false);
SetInsanitySetEnabled(Ch03, false);

Try it out, and if you got any questions, I doubt I/wiki can't answer them.

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Use scares that scare YOU!

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