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What would be "Proper Jumpscares?"
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RE: What would be "Proper Jumpscares?"

I'd try to formulate a simple laws-rules, I think that way it would be more practical and useful.

1. Do not link jump-scares close to any objective completion. For example, when the player found a key, solved a puzzle, read an important note, etc.

2. Do not make jump-scares that would lead to the player's death. In particular, do not place monsters at environments, where the player do not have a chance or too slight chances to hide, run away or stealthy carefully walk by. Basically, death and rebirth ruins the immersion.

3. Do not link jump-scares close to dynamical changes-transformations at levels. For example, when something ruins and blocks a way back or forward, when the player is teleported to some new space, etc.

4. Do not make jump-scares if some part of a gameplay feels boring while testing. Make that part atmospheric by adding level design details, that would work on the storyline; make a puzzle or make a couple of objectives, that would realistically force the player to explore the area; make anything that would come to mind to make a boring area interesting. But do not make jump-scares just in order to low boredom.

5. Do not make jump-scares without an explanation in terms of the story development. There's no need to immediately give an explanation to the player, because everything that is unexplained is building the intrigue. But simply for yourself you should always know why something do happen right here, right now.

I hope these laws-rules are simple enough to be easy to remember.
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