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What would be "Proper Jumpscares?"
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RE: What would be "Proper Jumpscares?"

The problem with that kind of approach arises when the rules are either not precise or not intuitive enough. The Ten Commandments are a set of pretty simple and basic laws. In contrast, I had trouble understanding one of your rules because it was too vague and/or generalizing.

Unless you expand and explain, you will either end up with people avoiding the rules because they do not understand them, or inaccurate interpretations.

That leads me to think that because of the multi-factor nature of creating a sense of danger, you will be faced with unnecessary challenges if you try to create a point-by-point list of rules. They will either have to be too complex or too generalizing to actually cover the whole subject by their own.

Any reason for such a specific "format", btw? ^^

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