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Amabel? (spoiler + analysis)
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RE: Amabel? (spoiler + analysis)

sorry to dig up an old thread but just got the keycard and opened up the room to amabel and what a disappointment.. I knew she would be dead or something.. I thought it would have been good to have a sidekick in the game and some dialogue to look forward to at the end of each task from Amabel but nooo Frictional had to kill her off..
I think it would have been fun to keep her alive and work together to get out of the place alive. Course I can't say that would be better because I haven't completed the game yet but I expect its just gunna end boringly like Amnesia.

Hope I am wrong but it just seems to be Frictionals style to end games like a Steven King novel.
02-28-2011, 08:23 AM

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