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Level Editor Help Black&White screen effect possible?
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RE: Black&White screen effect possible?

(01-02-2013, 01:13 AM)TheGreatCthulhu Wrote: Big Grin LOL. Well, it's no wizardry, I just like to mess around with programming (mostly C#), so having experience with that helps.

I didn't get around testing to see if any of this can actually be applied to a custom story, or at least a full conversion, without messing up the main game - but I have my doubts about that. I think the shader's location is probably hard coded into Amnesia... I noticed that both the shader and color conversion map are loaded only once, when the game is started (you have to restart the game to see effects of any changes made). So, not looking too good so far...

Either way, that's some good stuff. I have absolutely no C# background; really just limited to what I've learned from fumbling around with the Amnesia library. As for the shader, I think it might applicable to a full conversion that runs a custom bat file. Not entirely sure. Either way, this is leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. Fingers crossed.
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