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Amnesia Background
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RE: Amnesia Background

(01-14-2013, 10:32 PM)The chaser Wrote: That Medusas Den, New excavation and archeologist thing is only make-able with a full conversion. I guess it's the map from your story, huh? Wink

Sincerely, I find it weak. If it's an excavation, you could make a really big hole with some pillars and decoration, ya'know? THen, when the player started, the camera would go to the hole. The lighting...

I would add ceiling lanterns, and those billboards look a bit weird. I mean, it isn't really detailed. Sorry for this, english isn't my language. I would like to explain better.

It seems like the background thing is the tendence now, maybe I do one Smile

You kind of guessed wrong here, I only used my FC because it was easier to show the map that way Smile So the excavation things and Medusas den has nothing to do with the background. So you my good sir are wrong Wink

Actually the map is taken from one of my CS's I was working on before, Cold Night. So I think you will find that the map is actually detailed. Just that it doesn't look like it here but it's actually just a part of big map.

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