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Thoughts on Last of Us
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RE: Thoughts on Last of Us

Oh, Blogger doesn'y allow normal links so I'll repost that here...

  1. [Image: anon36.png]Anonymous5 July 2013 21:28 Have you, Thomas, played any of Thief game? Because as for me personally that's the best example of how to properly balance between game and storytelling. It's nearly an alive universe, exclusively immersive one, extremely detailed. I am just really curious what do you think about Thief thrilogy... well, if you played any of Thief games.
  2. [Image: thomas01_small2.jpg]Thomas5 July 2013 13:56 Played it a bit, but not really thought about it enough to give some summary here. There are elements that I like though, like how you listen in on conversations. A feature that is The Last of Us too.
  3. [Image: anon36.png]Anonymous5 July 2013 21:28 As a horror games (mainly) studio owner (one of) it would be quite wise for you to test out one single Thief Deadly Shadows level, because objectively it's one of the scariest game-in-game of all times. I am not a fan of Thief, nope. Here's a PC Gamer review of that one single level, but extremely big, lasting for 4-5 hours http://gillen.cream.org/thecradle.pdf
07-05-2013, 08:40 PM
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