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Hi again Alardem and welcome to the thread. Here is my theory that I posted after the PDP montage (before the playthrough). The montage mostly "fortified" my view instead of bringing totally new to the theory. I'm not ready to change/expand this just yet. Must wait for more info.

(08-27-2013, 04:47 PM)Peci Wrote: Thanks Vertical!

Now I'll unleash my complete tinfoil-hat theory. I have to test if I got even a fraction of it right.

Spoiler below!

Spoiler-warning inside spoiler-tags. If you - the reader - honestly believe, that my ramblings can affect your enjoyment, please don't read further.

What happened in Mexico, is the last "real" thing, and now Oswald is dead (or moved to another plane of existence, the machine). He and his hunting crew (including Lily) were used as human sacrifices (poem where old Lily is slaughtered, mors praematura). As Oswald didn't care for animals or poor peoples lives, now he must pay for it. Maybe 'the machine' is on the other side of the portal (Amnesia TDD) or some kind of another underworld.

Now the roles are reversed: the animals are gods (ie Leda and the Swan, altar glass painting, the painting where the dog [god] protects the child [Oswald's victim]). Indeed, the machine is for "pigs" (metaphorically) but pigs and other animal gods run the place now. Before he was the one calling shots and now he is just a mere animal waiting to be slaughtered.

The cover art symbolises the portal between two worlds. From above there is coming light and rain from the jungle. The floor is 'the machine' where he is now. The pig idol is the medium between these two places. The idol he has been sacrificed to (blood).

The children? Don't really know. They might not even be real, perhaps it's just "guilt" that he feels the first time in his life. Or they might be real and something happened to them.

08-30-2013, 01:57 PM

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