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RE: the mexican connection (spoilers + speculation)

Welcome to the forum and I'm so happy to see more plot-minded lurkers appearing Big Grin

I personally really appreciate this thread, because it's easier to talk about this aspect of the plot and not write the same stuff over and over again. I'd consider this as a haven for us who are interested to write and read about it.

Great list, and I'd like to add some more parts to it.

* there is an owl following the player in the taxidermy room. Aztec related owls with death, and the Aztec god of the deepest part of the underworld was presented with owl feathers, and is a god of owls (in addition to spiders, dogs(!) and death)

* the first note Oswald is able to read includes "dreams" of a man dressed in jaguar skin and talk about heart and jungle

I think I found a mythological base why the mask is following the player AND why the mask is a domesticated pig. The latter one has really bothered me because domesticated pigs were brought to America by Europeans, so it isn't an original animal in Mesoamerica.

But I'll write about this more when I have the time.
09-02-2013, 09:52 AM

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