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(09-03-2013, 09:41 PM)XDamienDaKillaX Wrote:
(09-03-2013, 05:43 PM)Sergeant Crits Wrote: I dont know either, but i like it that way.

But i know what will happen next.

When he wakes up, there's a pig with bacon in front of him. "Let's go BBQ some pork?" it says, and then the game ends with some rock playing in the backround, as they walk to the sunset.

Also, it turns out the Machine is just a glorified grill.

Does anyone have a theory about what the pig monsters are?
Spoiler below!
It is clear that they are some pig-human hybrid, but we did see 2 of these small creatures. What if Oswald went mad and stuck his kids in the Machine? What if he went to Mexico to get his mind off of it? What if the small pig monsters are his kids, who want vengeance?
There's a note in Mandus' peeping Tom bathroom setup where he'd watch his wife bathe that mentions something vaguely having to do with reanimating some sort of creature, which I presume are the monsters.

Also, not sure if anyone noticed this, but the monster is actually shown rather early on in a eerie yet very subtle cameo. When solving the bathroom puzzle with the rotating bath, you go into the hidden hallways to see a guest room with another caged bed. However, the bed isn't empty.

Later, when you turn the valve in that hallway, you come back to find the bed door open, and the sleeping guest gone. When you leave the bathroom, you'll find that the door to the guest room is open and you can hear a distant roar. Awesome way of introducing the monster imo.

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upsilon floorbot is a qt pa2t
09-03-2013, 11:15 PM

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