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(09-10-2013, 12:29 PM)Phobos Wrote: Has to share this from the member review thread.


TDD was much better in both playing and storytelling.

AMFP fails because of these reasons:

No terror meter.

No Inventory (inventory forces you to think and combine items to complete tasks).

The monsters or the pig men if you like wasn't scary, yea they was
unsettling but not the stuff of nightmares like the Grunt and the Brute.
The yellow horrifying eyes of the Grunt and the haunting echo of the
Brute surpasses the pig monsters in all areas in being scary.

Many plot holes and unexplained things, two notes mentions brenneburg
and one note metions the orb but thats it? That doesn't make it a
indirect sequel, not at all. Hard to belive this was happening in the
same universe, honestly just thinking of that destroys that awesome
feeling surrounding TDD and its mytical tale of other dimensions and
inhuman beings.

The attack on London could have been done better (more corpses, stop spawning naked corpes... (wtf?) more people).

The atmosphere was bad...yea Iam saying it because in TDD you were ALONE
in a ancient castle in the middle of the woods far away from any help
at all. In AMFP you run around in London and its underparts , it didnt
make me feel like i could relate to the place like TDD did, we are all
afraid of haunted castles in the woods, not the streets of London.

To short, did it in under 4 hours and no I didn't rush it.

This would have been much better if FG did it without The Chinese Room...sorry but thats the truth.

I will see AMFP as non-canon so It dont destroy that awesome feeling TDD had.

Sorry for bad english.

Too bad you splurged $20 on a good game.
09-10-2013, 01:06 PM

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