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Penumbra: Collection I beat Penumbra: Black Plague in 17 minutes & 46 seconds (VIDEO!)
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I beat Penumbra: Black Plague in 17 minutes & 46 seconds (VIDEO!)

Hey there fellow Frictional fans! I've been a long time fan of both the Penumbra and Amnesia series (seriously excited for Machine for Pigs, preordered it and everything), but I'm also a big fan of speedrunning (playing through games as fast as humanly, or sometimes robotically possible) so I figured I'd mix my two interests together and see what stuff I can pull from the seeping ooze before me.

And what I got was this:

Split into 5 segments (only because of missing the re-entry with the clips through the walls; I can do it all in one go easily); the run consists mostly of two tricks: Clipping and Item Flying.

Clipping is essentially wedging yourself between a wall and a physics item in the level, when done right the player will be pushed through the wall at speed. This can be strategically abused by choosing where to do it, which can skip major parts of the game (Storage, Kennels, Research Lab where you [REDACTED] Amabel along with the Computer Room with a new strategy I found after making this run).

Item Flying is holding onto an item below you, and simply continuing to jump, you can turn as well in order to control your flight, and scrolling up to bring the item towards you also helps the ascent.

I am planning a new run in collaboration with the other two runners of this game (Lo1ts and TheKotti, the latter pretty much started the whole thing), I did this run back in July and since then we've discovered so much more, but we're hoping to blow some minds with the end result, you won't be disappointed!

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I hope it's entertained you. c:
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