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Spoiler A Machine For Pigs, As It Should Have Been
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RE: A Machine For Pigs, As It Should Have Been

I liked the way the story can easily get into my thoughts and make me think about it more and more. All the "why's" and "could it have been's" are the reasons I love the game.

But to be honest, while watching the trailers and seeing the letters and pictures etc I would have expected much more. When I think of it more, the game wasn't exactly violent.
What happened to those places? I don't remember the pigline being like that.

What about the children from the orphanage? They were mentioned in the game, indeed, but they had no real role. Maybe my ideas could be described as tasteless horror, but the kids from the orphanage would have made a great jumpscare. Instead, most of them were most likely dead even before the events of the game. I would indeed have liked more monsters.

How about the ending? It left many questions so it was a good one, but ATDD had many endings. Imagine, if there was a possibility of getting to choose what happens to Mandus? Maybe the Machine could have changed his mind. Or maybe, though this sounds pretty idiotic, the Machine could have brought the children back in life and as an exchange it could have told Mandus to give his whole soul and body to the Machine and after that the Machine could have killed him..

So many possibilities. I bet most of you had your own theories on what the game would be all about before you even played it. I didn't think there would be pig monsters, though that's pretty stupid of me.
05-02-2014, 04:26 PM
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