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Spoiler A Machine For Pigs, As It Should Have Been
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RE: A Machine For Pigs, As It Should Have Been

(05-02-2014, 04:33 PM)i3670 Wrote: Those pictures were merely concepts and it's nothing special to AMFP, TDD had them aswell.

The children of the orphanage were, as far as I can tell, the pig monsters.

It is believed that AMFP were supposed to have multiple endings but that they were removed before release (there are audio files that confirm this).

The children were eaten by the Pigs.

To be honest, TCR's take on this concept was far "colder" than I'd envisioned a human slaughterhouse. I was picturing something vastly bloodier, far more intense than what we got. The Pig-Line should have been drenched in gore and viscera, and the ending should have been a macabre carnival of humans being destroyed. They actually left TOO MUCH to the imagination.

I still enjoy A Machine For Pigs, but it was not nearly as vicious or extreme as its premise allowed for. I'm not a fan of shock for shock's sake, but certainly the idea of humans being treated as pigs lends itself to horrific imagery. This is a story where 'gorn' would actually be appropriate.
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