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Spoiler A Machine For Pigs, As It Should Have Been
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RE: A Machine For Pigs, As It Should Have Been

My concept for the story involves a lot of changes.

Mundus started his meatpacking business in an attempt to solve foreseen hunger problems. After reading "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift, he begins to have ideas about processing the poor, lower-class, and immigrants as food.

Knowing that if he was caught kidnapping misfortunate in the UK he would be branded a monster, he travels to Mexico and befriends a mexican official (lets call him Matteo) in order to deal with the government there to accomplish two thing:

1. Have the Mexican misfortunate kidnapped and killed and then transferred to the UK for a sum of money.

2. Have them create equipment for a "a Machine" that will eventually be transferred to the UK. The machine will be used to convert human flesh into meat.

The Mexican government agrees to the deal, but not wanting to get their hands too dirty, hires a cult-like group who still cling to the Aztec traditions of human sacrifice. The cult immediately takes off on the proposal, they take the logo of Mundus's business (a pig) and use it as their emblem, even fashioning masks for it. They see Mundus's proposal as a sign that their cult is ready to rise in the world.

The cult begins their operation of kidnapping and sacrifice as the mexican government workers begin creating the machine.

The machine is transferred to the UK.

However, things begin to turn out strangely. The Mexican government officials involved in the project begin to have a power struggle and eventually some of the officials order the cult to kill Matteo so they can take control of the project. This backfires horribly and the cult kills EVERY government official involved with the project so that they can begin to take control of local town, with these officials out of the way to police the cult, the cult begins to kill anyone they want in the town.

Mundus arrives in the town in order to get the first shipment of "pigs" (the killed misfortunate), they are loaded onto his boat.

To confirm the deal and the payment, Mundus meets with the cult leaders who have replaced the government officials, they present the heads of the officials to Mundus who freaks out and flees on his boat with the bodies.

In transit to the UK, Mundus falls ill and begins drinking heavily, he wants to forget about the whole ordeal. He arrives back at the machine facility in the UK and drinks himself trying to forget everything.

The cult, who wish to see the plan fullfilled for their gods, follow Mundus.
A week passes.
Mundus has almost forgotten everything, he wakes but is trapped in his factory. The cult is searching for him.

This is where the game actually begins.

Additional details:
-Get rid of the children subplot, have Mundus be divorced and he is separated from his children
-There are vague hints that the Aztec gods are real and that the cult isn't just insane.
-The cult members who wear pig masks are the monsters in the game, they use spears and cleavers and some have convinced themselves that they are pigs.
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