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Things you like and hate in Horror Games.
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RE: Things you like and hate in Horror Games.

I like games where you can feel like the character that you're playing, I think I don't really have to give an example xP Also environment interactivity is always + for me, Penumbra and Amnesia did it absolutely marvellous, I also like some good ambience, you know, some random whispering sounds, a bit of some other sounds. Lighting is also very useful at the atmosphere point, Amnesia shows it pretty well, especially in the study and the archives, they give kinda awesome library feeling making me to want sit here, take some relax before grunt catches me and read some old, interesing tomes. Another good point are puzzles, while they should be made very good and be creative, they shouldn't be that hard to make player stuck at every puzzle you encounter.

I do not like games where monsters just spawn everywhere, or after picking up any sort of item, pathetic jumpscares (flying naked guys, indeed) that are pissing me off as hell. Another point I hate are notes/journals/etc that do not make sense or completely suck, such as 1/3 amnesia mods notes - "If you read this i'm dead, oh shit grunt is coming hide in the closet". The moments where something scaries me and my character suddenly talks "oh fuck!" also make me angry (Daylight for example)
05-07-2014, 09:18 PM

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