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Things you like and hate in Horror Games.
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RE: Things you like and hate in Horror Games.

TTD/AMFP pretty much did most of what I like, but still did a few things I don't.
For example, there's the old trope of using the brutal death of a child (usually female), to move some guy's story arch forward (looking at you too, Call of Cthulhu). Now, TDD, AMFP and CoC are some of my favorite games ever, but they still had some elements that made me raise an eyebrow.
Hyper-sexualized elements and the use of rape, usually for the same purposes annoy me, as well.
The overuse of jump scares and blood/gore, which become painfully predictable in games like Haunted Memories and the Slender series.
For some reason, aliens and robots aren't scary to me.
Writing, atmosphere, and music are massive factors to me. If these don't work together, the fear tends to melt away quickly.
What I also loved about AMFP was that it got away from the dark spooky castle/insane asylum/prison setting typical to many horror games.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'm in a hurry but I think I covered most of it.

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