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Things you like and hate in Horror Games.
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RE: Things you like and hate in Horror Games.

(05-16-2014, 09:09 AM)Alex Ros Wrote: I've been playing the Betrayer for some hours. And while playing I've been thinking about one parasitic thing in all (or most of) horror games. There's no transformation of usual into unusual. From the very beginning you're already brought into uncommon situation. You're entering an abandoned research base; waking up in a spooky castle; investigating empty streets of a foggy town; empty island; hospital; mansion... etc. Surely, while talking about nice games like Penumbra there's a horror build-up. Nevertheless I can't remember when as a player I was drawn into something common and usual and only at some point of the story development situation transformed into something frightening. I can't remember of such a transformation. Apocalypse is not only going to happen, it's already happened or happening.

Doom 3, in a manner similar to Half-Life, started off the first couple levels introducing you to the Mars Base prior to the demon invasion. While it was still a dark and unfriendly place, being able to interact with people and see things functioning 'normally' help make the base's subsequent desecration feel more convincing.

Also, the Silent Hill games toyed with different levels of 'reality', although none have ever actually shown you interacting directly with normal people as part of their goal of isolating the player. Silent Hill 4, for example, allowed you to watch your apartment neighbors go about their daily business and listen to the police report on the murders your character witnessed, even as you were helpless to contact them due to being locked in your room.
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