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FC - Can't save custom static objects in level
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RE: FC - Can't save custom static objects in level

I never used the patch. Some of the entities from AMFP work without the 1.3 patch, (with or without deleting some of the .msh files), which I thought was only currently at a testing stage right now.

In the each of the Amnesia Entity and Static_Objects folders, I have a folder by the name of "mod" which contains all my custom items. In my Mod's main folder, I have an Entity folder and a Static_Object folder, which also have folders called "mod" that contain, once again, the custom items that I'm using.

I've had it like that since the beginning in order to avoid problems with the level editor. I've only ever had one problem since with a clock that wasn't even custom, it was from the game itself so I have no idea what was wrong with it, haha.

As far as I'm aware, the level editor can't really work with files outside of the folders built into it, so referencing an Entity outside of the usual Entity folder would cause the editor to be unable to find it the next time, thus giving you the "file index out of bounds" message.

For now, I think you should try and keep a copy of everything in both your custom story folder/mod folder and in the Amnesia resource files. It's simply for level editing purposes, so as long as your resource .cfg is set up for indexing files in other places, it shouldn't be a problem for you actually playing the game.

09-18-2014, 01:12 AM

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