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How do you erase certain parts of the memory?

How do you erase certain parts of the memory?

Hello fellow Penumbrawlers,

I've come here to seek guidance. I've forced myself through this masterpiece nonetheless of the erratic feelings that deeply indulged my mind.

However, I am very upset, for you see, I've been introduced into this new genre which I like to define as sickening horror, which is somewhat pleasuring.

Unknown is so distanced from now. I tried to suppress my urge but to no avail. Me and my friends have come up with some silly ideas so far but those we've put aside for when the condition becomes critical. We've even thought of kidnapping the Frictional Games crew and making them work 24/7 on more sickening horror titles.

Serious matters require serious actions you could say. But right now we're trying to seek, something more of a biological solution you could say. We want to erase the Penumbra memories from our brains so we could relive the moments again.

I'm sure I'm not the only person having tried to seek for these desperate solutions, but this is an urgent matter. This is no joke as it might seem to some, I must relive what I experienced weeks ago when I first started playing Penumbra at 2:00 AM.

Thank you for kindly and patiently listening to my cry for help.

Fred (representing the Penumbra rehabilitation center crew)
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