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Frictional Should Continue Penumbra
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RE: Frictional Should Continue Penumbra

(11-20-2015, 07:06 PM)IIPEE Wrote:
(11-20-2015, 05:25 AM)HunchbackEnt Wrote: The universe of this game is so amazing and I feel like the series' length got seriously cut short due to budgetary reasons.

Penumbra was planned to be a trilogy and in a way it lived up to it. We got two games, and then we thought that was it, until they announced the Expansion. Not exactly what we were waiting for, but at least three games, considering the situation back then. I have never heard of budget being an issue. What was given as the reason for no third installment was the publisher.

Have you played this old Penumbra game from 2006?

As far as I know budget was a huge problem with Black Plague, as in that game almost didn't get finished. If Frictional had had more resources we probably would have seen the Hunter NPC in all of its glory.

Yes we technically do have a trilogy and I love all three of them to death but I feel like there is so much more I'd like to know to the Penumbra universe, and I think many gamers feel the same way considering the big project mods I mentioned before are very popular. It'd be amazing if Frictional made a new game in the same universe with different characters imo.

And yes the tech demo was great, it's non-canon though and I wish it had been re-incorporated into Black Plague because the Roach was a great monster.
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