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Poll: Which character should the story follow?
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Philip, following the Overture plot
5 26.32%
Philip, following the Tech Demo plot
5 26.32%
Philip, following a mixed/new plot
3 15.79%
4 21.05%
2 10.53%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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What would you like to see a fan-fiction of?
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What would you like to see a fan-fiction of?

So yesterday I explored Word 2010 for a while, a program that I've had for some time but never really pressed all buttons and used all commands in. So in order to get a concrete text to try out the new features and layouts on I wrote a Penumbra short story. It's basically just Philip walking around outside until he finds and enters the hatch, but I like how the layout and all turned out plus it was great practice for my english.
So I might end up writing a bit more.

So anyways what part of everything would people like to see fan fiction of? I could write either basically what happens in the game or written from Amabel's perspective at the time of the outbreak or something like that. Or some completely unseen character in a part of the Shelter that Philip never visits, like Dermot the security guy mentioned in one text :p
Right now the text is also Overture-true. I was also thinking of perhaps making it Tech-Demo themed. There's a lot of really cool things going on in the tech demo so I might end up mixing them into something somewhat original.
Just got a bunch of free time right now and feel like passing time.
I'll also try making a poll just for the heck of it Wink

The pdf can be downloaded here:
Page one is just a test cover page I did with the built in cover-page function.
First artwork is edited art by the Penumbra team, the second one is an edited screenshot.
The page header isn't very neat. Nor is the "cover page". But I was trying out functions so they're in there anyways.

Worst regards, Kejdane.
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05-26-2010, 04:52 PM

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