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Mack and Mesh: An advertising opportunity?
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Mack and Mesh: An advertising opportunity?

First off, for anyone not familiar with the videos by Mack and Mesh, let me explain what they do.

Theres this one guy, Mesh, who gets really immersed in games. As such, he gets absolutely terrified when playing horror/scary games. One day he and his friend Mack decided to record Mesh playing Doom 3 and it was hilarious. It got quite popular and they quickly turned it into a regular series that just started up again called Mesh Does...

Now last week after having watched their final Mesh Does Aliens Vs Predators 3 episode, I got to thinking about how they would be a really good way to advertise a game for a small developer. Their viewers are people who are already in the horror game market, and they get tons of suggestions from their fans as to what game Mesh should play next. I've seen quite a few people suggest Penumbra, or that they should do Amnesia when it comes out.

I went to their site today to see if they had decided what game to do next, and I noticed a new link on their site for Marketing. They had the same idea I did, and they're looking for developers who want Mack and Mesh to feature their game in a Mesh Does series. I figure its a pretty cheap (though I don't know how much it would cost, if anything), and very effective way to get the word out on Amnesia.

Anyways, just a thought. Heres the link to their site ( , and if you want to see what the show entails check out this youtube video.
07-15-2010, 07:36 AM

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