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Mack and Mesh: An advertising opportunity?
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RE: Mack and Mesh: An advertising opportunity?

Oh boy, it's mainly through those guys that I discovered "let's play" videos a long time ago. I'm quite a big fan of them myself, and have to say that I really envy people like Mesh, who truly can be frightened by a game. Smile

Anyway, they launched a new topic on their forum explaining they will not be doing a Let's Play of Amnesia: both of them prefer to stay in legal terms, and even if many footage of Amnesia was released on youtube, they decided to contact Frictional and ask for their permission, which was denied. While I find the decision of Frictional of not allowing another Let's Play of Amnesia a bit odd, I respect it. Not mentioning that now that the box version of the game is available, the publisher would also have his word to say I guess. I also can understand their game has been spoiled enough through the Internet, so better to give people a chance to discover Brennenburg Castle by themselves! Smile
04-14-2011, 10:24 PM

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