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Solved: 6 Years, 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago Missing textures

As you can see, there are no textures displayed for some objects.
I also attached the config file.
Sometimes nearly all textures go black. I assume that this happens only when the player looks directly into a light source. config file same as above.
This is especially an issue of the front-board of the electric-box in the floor with the white zombie.
When I hold the metal-board high it starts vibrating/shaking very hard, it doesn't look very fine.
Maybe it is stuck in a position and the prog tries to move it a little in order to un-stuck it again and again?
Using a wooden plank, I managed to lift a rusty metal shelf and move it out of one room. When I dropped it, the whole thing started shaking like crazy and than 'fell' out of the level, beyond the ground. It looked like there was another level beyond normal floor/surface. I wasn't able to see it anymore or get the shelf back. The plank vanished, too.
to be continued later....
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