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Solved: 6 Years, 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago RE: bugtracker?

(08-18-2010, 03:51 PM)jens Wrote: The demo is not at the latest version, so it can have some graphical glitches. I can't recall but I think you can install the full versions 1.1 patch on the demo, only that you have to manually direct it to the correct folder.

If it is possible, I think it is worth being added here: http://www.penumbragame.com/demo.php Wink

I executed the patch in /homefolder/PenumbraBlackPlagueDemo/ but a window popped up "Could not find existing install of Penumbra: Black Plague in /homefolder/PenumbraBlackPlagueDemo"
removing the "Demo" in the folder name didn't work, too. :|

Btw. the installer says "Choose the existing director where Penumbra: Black Plague" isn't a "is" missing at the end? Wink

Quote:Also make sure to update the drivers for the video card as well as turn of any fancy features (optimizations) in the graphic cards settings or any type of accelerated window manager that could interfere with the game.
I think that my graphic drivers are up to date, I use the latest version of Ubuntu Distro, 10.4(.1)

Quote:Looking at the shots you are running the game on the lowest shader? That could be a cause maybe.
I think that I do. I attached the configuration file. ↑
But if textures are missing at low settings, it looks like a bug to me.
Indeed I could fix the missing textures by settings a little more performance-eating.
Thanks for your help so far! Smile
A packages which lies on the ground in front of a locker blocks the door. I have to remove it 'manually'. But it is possible to close the door moving the package in the right way. Is it possible the make the package being moved when the door is opened?
It is possible to jump on the burning oil barrel without taking any damage.
When I drop plates on a mattress, it breaks apart.
Idea how to fix it:

I assume that all 'soft' objects can be bent (mattress for example Wink ). So it might be possible to make a function that checks whether during a collision of two objects, one of them is fragile (glass bottles, plates etc.) and the other one is bendable (soft). It this is the case, the function prevents the fragile item from breaking. (just an idea, I'm not a coder...)
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