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Fullscreen in Penumbra
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RE: Fullscreen in Penumbra

(09-06-2010, 05:03 PM)SuddenJonatan Wrote: uhm...but it says already true
Seriously...ive never had to change graphics in a file. isent that supposed to be ingame
its already says "true -_-
settings.cfg file in spoiler:
Spoiler below!
<Game FirstStart="false" Subtitles="true" SimpleWeaponSwing="false" DisablePersonalNotes="false" AllowQuickSave="false" FlashItems="true" ShowCrossHair="false" SimpleSwingInOptions="false" Difficulty="1" CurrentUser="default" LanguageFile="English.lang" ShowPreMenu="true" ShowMenu="true" ShowIntro="true" LastInitOK="true" />
<Controls MouseSensitivity="1.000000" InvertMouseY="false" ToggleCrouch="true" />
<Keys Forward_Type="Keyboard" Forward_Val="66" Backward_Type="Keyboard" Backward_Val="62" Left_Type="Keyboard" Left_Val="44" Right_Type="Keyboard" Right_Val="47" LeanLeft_Type="Keyboard" LeanLeft_Val="60" LeanRight_Type="Keyboard" LeanRight_Val="48" Run_Type="Keyboard" Run_Val="116" Jump_Type="Keyboard" Jump_Val="6" Crouch_Type="Keyboard" Crouch_Val="118" InteractMode_Type="Keyboard" InteractMode_Val="61" LookMode_Type="MouseButton" LookMode_Val="1" Holster_Type="Keyboard" Holster_Val="67" Examine_Type="MouseButton" Examine_Val="2" Interact_Type="MouseButton" Interact_Val="0" Inventory_Type="Keyboard" Inventory_Val="1" NoteBook_Type="Keyboard" NoteBook_Val="57" PersonalNotes_Type="Keyboard" PersonalNotes_Val="59" WheelUp_Type="MouseButton" WheelUp_Val="3" WheelDown_Type="MouseButton" WheelDown_Val="4" Flashlight_Type="Keyboard" Flashlight_Val="49" GlowStick_Type="Keyboard" GlowStick_Val="50" Escape_Type="Keyboard" Escape_Val="5" Enter_Type="Keyboard" Enter_Val="3" MouseClick_Type="MouseButton" MouseClick_Val="0" MouseClickRight_Type="MouseButton" MouseClickRight_Val="2" RightClick_Type="MouseButton" RightClick_Val="2" LeftClick_Type="MouseButton" LeftClick_Val="0" One_Type="Keyboard" One_Val="22" Two_Type="Keyboard" Two_Val="23" Three_Type="Keyboard" Three_Val="24" Four_Type="Keyboard" Four_Val="25" Five_Type="Keyboard" Five_Val="26" Six_Type="Keyboard" Six_Val="27" Seven_Type="Keyboard" Seven_Val="28" Eight_Type="Keyboard" Eight_Val="29" Nine_Type="Keyboard" Nine_Val="30" ResetGame_Type="Keyboard" ResetGame_Val="97" SaveGame_Type="Keyboard" SaveGame_Val="100" LoadGame_Type="Keyboard" LoadGame_Val="101" Screenshot_Type="Keyboard" Screenshot_Val="104" PrintLog_Type="Keyboard" PrintLog_Val="55" />
<Haptics Active="false" Available="false" ForceMul="1.000000" MoveScreenSpeedMul="1.000000" Scale="0.040000" ProxyRadius="0.019000" OffsetZ="1.900000" HapticMaxInteractDist="2.000000" />
<Graphics NoiseFilter="true" Bloom="true" MotionBlur="false" MotionBlurAmount="0.150000" DepthOfField="true" TextureSizeLevel="0" TextureFilter="1" TextureAnisotropy="1.000000" Gamma="1.000000" FSAA="0" PostEffects="true" ShaderQuality="3" LimitFPS="true" Shadows="0" />
<Debug ShowHealth="false" ShowSoundsPlaying="false" LogResources="false" />
<Sound Volume="1.000000" UseSoundHardware="false" MaxSoundChannels="32" StreamUpdateFreq="10" UseThreading="true" MaxMonoChannelsHint="0" MaxStereoChannelsHint="0" />
<Screen Width="1024" Height="768" FullScreen="true" Vsync="false" />
<Demo WebPageOnExit="http://www.Penumbra-Overture.com/buy.php" />
<Map GlobalScript="global_script.hps" File="level00_01_boat_cabin.dae" StartPos="link1" />
<Physics PhysicsAccuracy="2" UpdatesPerSec="60.000000" />

what does it look like in your monitor? and whats the res of your monitor?o.o
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09-06-2010, 05:22 PM

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