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Need a Talented Scripter (Willing To Pay)
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RE: Need a Talented Scripter (Willing To Pay)

The first point still stands though - you don't necessarily need to pay people to code for you when the Engine is basic, welcoming and relatively flexible with its events and sequences. You can make some very dramatic things with the code you already have, just a matter of implementing it the right way. While I'm sure someone will come around and express interest, coding, at least in Amnesia, is fairly linear and preset. As dramatic as you could make a monster appear, it is still calling SetEntityActive(); every time.

Create a baseline for your code, then add to it.

    Player enters room
    Lights off
    SetActive "Key_1"
    SetUseCallback "Key_1", "Door_1"

    Player enters room
    Lights flicker
    Lights off
    if Lantern == off
         TimerAdd "lantern_on", 2 seconds
    end if
    TimerAdd "scary_sounds", 20 seconds //if player still in room, play some distant sounds
    SetSanity -10.0f
    PlaySound "breathing"
    PlayMusic "ambient_music"
    AddJournalNote "find_the_exit"
    SetActive "Key_1"
    SetUseCallback "Key_1", "Door_1"

If necessary, go to the Engine Scripts page and actually read through some of the things you could do. Write down some of the sequences and events you could create which are hopefully more unique. You don't need to have the most, the best, the most custom, or most elaborate code - it's what you do and how you present it to the Player!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "Don't pay others for what you could do yourself", since it's completely up to you to pay others to code for you. I'm just saying that you don't need to pay, since you can ask then add or append to your coding needs.

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