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Need a Talented Scripter (Willing To Pay)
Spelos Away

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RE: Need a Talented Scripter (Willing To Pay)

I would disagree,
while many of your points are true I wouldn't say that Amnesia's scripting is "basic".
Yes, many people use it in the most simple ways possible, there is space for large and complex systems.

It's not:
"You don't need people to code for you because it's just pulling stuff out of the engine scripts documentation."

"You DO need people to code for you if you want to create your own gameplay mechanics."

If you're doing something that has never been done before, you will need your own function and your own base.

A good example would be a project that I'm currently part of:
While we do use normal Amnesia, we have custom functions that are highly complex just to be able to create a puzzle such as completely programmable machine.
04-22-2016, 11:18 AM

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