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Need a Talented Scripter (Willing To Pay)
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RE: Need a Talented Scripter (Willing To Pay)

(04-23-2016, 10:13 PM)WALP Wrote: If the demo is misleading as to what the final version will be, you would be better off taking it down.

I highly agree. Demos are intended to give the audience an idea of what to expect. If you give us one thing but then say "HEY HERE'S SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT", you're treating your audience with a great disrespect.

It's possible to do something like with what was intended for PT. While the demo for Silent Hills did give us something really awesome, it was stated the final product would be different. It works in this case because the devs are letting us see what they can do technically and the kind of horror to except. We know the full release (cries inside) is not going to be filled with light hearted imagery or Lovecraftian-style scares. It's very real and very visceral.

Your demo, as Daemian pointed out, is very typical of Amnesia mods: "a regular mansion+grunt cs". If you plan on doing something entirely different from that, then please show us.

Not only are you doing the audience a great disservice by holding back, you're doing yourself a disservice. A lot of people ignore these "mansion+grunt cs" mods because they are so dime-a-dozen and no one wants to waste their time going through something they've seen plenty of times before.

TL : DR - gives us a demo that really truly shows what you're looking to create, even if you have to tear it down and completely start over for the full version.

And to get my rant back to the topic at hand, honestly you're better off trying to figure out the scripting on your own. It'll save you that money to put toward something else, and plus there is a very helpful community right here at your fingertips! Big Grin

I myself have done a huge chunk of scripting for my own mod, and whenever I get stuck or come across something too complex, I reach out to the fabulous friends I've made here, and trust me they are a group of lifesavers (hearts to Rom, Tesseract, and Flawless).

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