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{SPOILER}Amnesia: The Dark Descent in HD!
Stixsmaster Offline
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RE: {SPOILER}Amnesia: The Dark Descent in HD!

see I appreciate that but I dont think that would help add to the experience for me...

Reason being is this...if the stone brix popped out more it just wouldnt seem as natural to me...as they appear to be spread apart more...which isnt a nice look to me...cuz that just looks like it would make you more prone to trip over yourself...if you catch my drift...


P.S. if you set the SSAO Samples to 128 it actually adds much more depth to the stones and what not...many peeps I am guessing are using the default High settings which are good...but if you set the samples to 128 it actually adds a lot more...
10-02-2010, 06:20 AM

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