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[SOLVED] Windows 10 Destroys My Computer.
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RE: Windows 10 Destroys My Computer.

Crazy story:

Limitations bring out creativity, right? Using Task Manager I found out that you can activate programs through administrator mode so they don't get reset after the flickering.

Using that I could open any programs from Chrome to the HPL3 Level Editor. Success.

Now I needed to get the settings bar open to restart the corrupted update (which caused all this). The taskbar froze and the flickering started. As expected the programs didn't get closed. I noticed that Windows Antimalware Program spiked the CPU to 70-98% when the flickering happened. When it stopped it spiked the Memory of the same program to 90-100%.

I was about to open the settings through Command Prompt until a dialogue box opened saying Update 000001B(some other numbers) has been terminated. Clicking OK now has everything back to normal.

Before heading to sleep I'll make sure the update downloads correctly for 100% of the time. If not then I'll have at least a temporary solution.
09-02-2016, 10:47 PM

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