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RE: Insanity

I know that I'll start seeing things and that I'll start talking to myself, but I guess what I was asking was that if there is a reason I shouldn't just put up with these things and continue on in the dark safe from monsters.
Not to say that I was meta-gaming: my in-game decision was actually to put up with all the creepy effects because they scared me less than being chased by a monster. ("Holy shit those monsters scare the crap out of me, I had better make sure I'm safe even if it drives me insane...") I was just wondering if this was actually worse when dealing with the monsters. So I found out, I was already at a high insanity level when I walked around a corner and a monster appeared out of the darkness and i immediately began limping (at which point the monster just waltzed over to me and ripped me apart), but assuming I'm not at this critical level isn't it actually safer to stay a little insane as long as you're in the dark and they can't see you? I feel like they'll spot me easier in the light than they will if I'm the dark and going insane.

Btw, I know this isn't the right section, but is it possible to run certain scripts once a person reaches a certain insanity level (or i suppose more preferably to have an if-than function that check's the player's insanity level)? I would assume there would be, but I don't know much about the scripting as of yet. I have some cool ideas where the player will have to drive themselves insane in order to progress.

11-04-2010, 05:19 AM

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