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RE: Insanity

One of my friends who also started to play Amnesia said: "Why the hell should I allow the insanity to f... up my character's behaviour, isn't it easier & better to just disable it?". Another friend played it on a slower comp and disabled it for performance, then he just easily waltzed through the game Tongue

I told both of them the same explanation, why this is/was not a good idea: "You know the movie series Saw? Ok, now take all Saw movies and remove all the killing, blood, all cutting, bone breaking and all scary machines and contraptions. What is left? A series of people moving from one room to the next and in each room one drops dead untill finaly only one or two are left. Not much of a movie now, is it?"

I also started to watch a "Let's play Amnesia" recently where the player disabled the insanity before even starting to play, on the ground that "it was probably more of a nuissance than a real scare factor"; needles to say i immediately stoped watching becouse exactly the nuissance of your vision wobbling around and loose controls is what makes it a big scare factor, DUH.

In my opinion, the sanity effects are one of the cornerstones of Amnesia and they are an integral part of what makes this game so fabulously scary, so each player should definetly have them on Smile

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