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[SPOILERS] Soma early version explained (Super Secret archive decoded) !
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RE: [SPOILERS] Soma early version explained (Super Secret archive decoded) !

(01-04-2017, 12:04 PM)cantremember Wrote: Around 9:30 he mentions a blackbox recording you could listen to after the (now headless) diver died due to Simon, but he doesn't let you listen to it in the video, is there anyway I can hear that soundfile?

(01-08-2017, 09:26 PM)GhylTarvoke Wrote: At that point in the video, there's a sound of heavy breathing (the same sound that "old Simon" makes in the pilot seat at Omicron). Maybe that's the blackbox recording?

For Blackboxes VoiceHandler.exe is useful. It allows to search voice recordings in game. File - Open - navigate to [Soma installation folder]\maps\chapter01\01_01_upsilon_awake\ - open 01_01_upsilon_awake.voice . 2J_SuitRobotDatamineDrained was scripted for upsilon map, but actual entry contains no sounds. The only hint about monstrous Simon is located in _supersecret archive. There is folder "design" which contains "documents". There you can find updates.docx which features text below:

-j- Drain Suit Man
If the player gets attacked and hurt by the Infected Robot, he can drain the suit robot for energy. As he does this, the robot begs for his life-
DIALOG: The dialog should be pretty short, just a few seconds. But we want to have some punch in it. The player cannot undo the action from this point onward and we want him to feel really bad about it.
Simon comments on the action afterwards:
DIALOG: Simon is just obviously upset about what he have just done. We are not sure if the player did this on purpose or was unsure of what was gonna happen so make sure the dialog is explicit on that choice.
The player can also datamine the suit robot:
DIALOG: Same as at the start of this event, but with different mixing. Also we hear really horrible sounds coming from Simon, hinting he is sort of monstrous.
02-10-2018, 05:16 AM

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