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Free Games and Specials (Humble Bundle and Origin)
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RE: Free Games and Specials (Humble Bundle and Origin)

Alright, all FG games are no longer on sale. Oddworld:AO is no longer on sale but for the next 2 days, Outlast: Deluxe Edition is FREE on the Humble Store. This includes Outlast and it's Whistleblower DLC. I haven't played this game yet but from what I've seen, if you like Amnesia, this game could very well be right up your alley!


In an effort to reduce clutter and buildup in this thread, I'll only be updating on the Origin games when something changes. It's on the front page and just takes up too much space in these posts, as well as the game(s) rarely change.

Thank you all for visiting, have a wonderful day and enjoy!
09-21-2017, 10:58 PM

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