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Frictional/Grip's Earlier Work [UNBIRTH/FIEND,etc] + General game dev history thread
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Frictional/Grip's Earlier Work [UNBIRTH/FIEND,etc] + General game dev history thread

I was doing some digging today for nostalgia's sake (I used to dig for information on game devs I liked a couple years back). And I remembered these two games that Thomas Grip had worked on. One was a 2D topdown game, and another was a 3D game I barely remembered, I also remembered the Penumbra Tech Demo, wich is still up for download even though half the links seem to be dead. (You can still get it tho)

After reading a bit on Frictional's English Wikipedia page I found out those games where: FIEND(2001,GripDesign) and UNBRITH(Unreleased,2001). There was also a game called ENERGETIC(2005,GripDesign).

I looked up Unbirth and I found a thread here iirc linking to a lil page on the game, the same page I had visited all those years ago while digging for the first time. Sadly, the only downloads for the alpha test build of the game are GamersHell and another torrent site. Both dead (the GamersHell one doesnt let you download it, and the torrent, well, without seeders/peers/allthatjazz it doesn't move an inch.)

[Image: 13c9267e13.jpg]

I was hoping someone here could offer a download (approved by mods/members of Frictional ofc) just for the historical value. Sounds dumb but this stuff fascinates me. I would love to discuss the game too, concept art, etc.

Feel free to post about other dev's whose history interests you. I used to be really into Valve's history.

05-20-2017, 12:22 PM

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