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Frictional/Grip's Earlier Work [UNBIRTH/FIEND,etc] + General game dev history thread
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RE: Frictional/Grip's Earlier Work

I was also looking for Unbirth, but it seems GamersHell deleted the file and there are no seeders in the GameUpdates.org. However after some google-fu i found the GameUpdates.org version in a Russian site. The file matches with the torrent in GameUpdates.org - placing it at the directory where the torrent would download marks it as completed and allows me to seed it (so the piece hashes match, meaning it wasn't tampered with).

As i cannot really seed it and this isn't really a reliable method, i decided to upload it to archive.org (together with some pieces of the site, although archive.org most likely already have those, but for convenience) to ensure it'll be preserved in the future. You can download it from here:

01-28-2018, 07:02 AM

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