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Callback when enemy changes to inactive
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RE: Callback when enemy changes to inactive

(11-18-2017, 12:14 AM)FlawlessHappiness Wrote: Hey. Quick thought.

Instead of checking whether the state is not all of those values, why not just check for the default value when the enemy is inactive?
Presumably, the default value is the empty string: ""

The default value may actually be "idle", since if the enemy state is not anything else, it should instead become idle.

(I think. Don't have the Model Editor on me right now)

Another option is to use ReplaceEntity or something similar. Having two enemies, say suitor_1 and suitor_2. Suitor_1 is the main enemy, and when he is disabled, replace him with suitor_2, then use GetEntityExists on suitor_1.

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