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Low FPS in main menu
Darkfire Offline
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Not Solved RE: Low FPS in main menu

What is the resolution and refresh rate of your laptops screen ?
When you run it in <1600*900 does it run in a small window ?
Are you sure you attached the log ? I can't see it anywhere.

Keep in mind that ~30 fps isn't bad for this game at all. HPL3 is an engine which came from an old home-brew engine, and takes it's possibilities to the max. The result of this is that SOMA is quite unstable.
It's been reported that the game stutters regardless of settings and computer's power. Happened to me as well - some sections would run smoothly, and then I look behind a corner and framerate drops to less than 20.

You might be better off just putting the framerate cap back on and bearing with 30FPS. It's not like you will need the extra frames to react faster in this game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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01-23-2019, 06:32 PM

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