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4X AI Enhanced texture pack for Penumbra: Collection
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RE: 4K/2K AI Enhanced texture pack for penumbra collection!

(08-07-2019, 04:36 PM)Reaper Wrote:
<Graphics NoiseFilter="false" Bloom="true" MotionBlur="false" MotionBlurAmount="0.150000" DepthOfField="true" TextureSizeLevel="0" TextureFilter="1" TextureAnisotropy="16.000000" Gamma="1.000000" FSAA="8" PostEffects="true" ShaderQuality="3" LimitFPS="true" Shadows="0" />
<Debug ShowHealth="false" ShowSoundsPlaying="false" LogResources="true" />
<Sound Volume="1.000000" UseSoundHardware="true" MaxSoundChannels="64" StreamUpdateFreq="10" UseThreading="true" MaxMonoChannelsHint="0" MaxStereoChannelsHint="0" DeviceName="Generic Software" />
<Screen Width="1920" Height="1080" FullScreen="true" Vsync="true" />

Can i push FSAA to 16 ?!
what is TextureSizeLevel Function?

Kirakatve Please answer my question!
And I am glad to announce that Overture up-scaled texture pack releases today!

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