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Selling HPL game?
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RE: Selling HPL game?

(08-07-2019, 05:35 PM)Alex Ros Wrote: Oook. I'll try to stick to UE4 ...

PS. Why won't you guys, Frictional, sell license to HPL? I mean people would do everything by themselves, what would be left for you is achieving 5% of all sales (as with UE4). Why not? No problem, I'm fine. Just curious why did you decide to close options to sell HPL license?

Since SOMA version your engine is really-really good for claustrophobica corridoral type of games. Really good SDK, nice visuals, easy scripting, astonishing physics... very good if not the best for indie

If you were afraid that you'll have to polish HPL on and on, patch it on and on, if HPL would be a product on its own, then this is not the rule. You can just leave it "as it is" with no guarantees!

They actually can sell a license for HPL2 if you negotiate with them about it, but for some reason they never said that publicly. I know a guy that has the HPL2 source code.

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