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Let's make this working on Android
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RE: Let's make this working on Android

(03-30-2020, 01:13 AM)Mudbill Wrote: Interesting stuff! Been dabbling with compiling this thing myself but appeared tricky.
BTW are you sure the mouse issues were not because it's in a VM? I know this is very common.

Also I might have an older Newton version around here somewhere...
Ah yes, here's version 1.53. I believe this is the version that Penumbra uses since the headers match.

Thank you Mudbill for a copy of old Newton! I investigated a little bit, I believe archive doesn't contain many source files, so I can't recompile the source with new compiler, but it should help.
It's possible that mouse issues are related to VM. I will think about a possibility to try it on hardware. Also MouseSDL.h (in HPL1Engine/include/impl) has these spicy TODOs (Fix so it works and handles screen size) and code like
// Do a transform with the screen-size to the the float coordinates.
cVector2f vPos = mvMouseRelPos;
//Ok this is?
mvMouseRelPos = cVector2f(0,0);

return vPos;

So it looks like original developers knew about these problems.
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