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A very funny thing from the internet ! ^^
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RE: A very funny thing from the internet ! ^^

(01-07-2011, 04:14 PM)Deu sex Wrote: someone posted this on the development blog and I personnaly found this amazing so I link this here :


enjoy ^^ Big Grin

The first part reminds me of when I was trying to explaining it to some people I know.
However after showing them the trailer they're either like "Oh shit, a game thats actually scary" or "Fuck that shit, I'd be freaking out"

However I know one friend who played the demo in a room with the lights dimmed, and having his friends watch it. Now he boasts about how the game didn't scare him, even though the demo plays the least scary part of the game, and bitches about not being able to fight back.

i spam meme 4 raeg
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